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I’ve updated the gallery with HQ images of Jim from his latest event.

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The Big Bang Theory is just one of four Chuck Lorre comedies currently on the CBS schedule. The television hit-maker is also behind Mom, Mike & Molly, and Two and a Half Men. At a meeting of television critics on January 15, the casts of Chuck Lorre shows attempted to explain his success.
The success includes not only first-run ratings, but the sitcoms’ audiences even when they are in perpetual, and seemingly, never-ending reruns. The question was what makes a show so popular that even when it ends — such as Two and a Half Men will be doing in a matter of weeks — that it continues to be watched and enjoyed.

Jim Parsons, one of the best known faces of The Big Bang Theory, had an unusual explanation. Parsons could have identified the show’s strong writing, cast chemistry, or storylines. Instead, he singled out Chuck Lorre’s musical background. A situation comedy, he said, is a lot like a song.

“Chuck was a musician before he was a writer, and one thing all of these shows have in common is a rhythm. These shows [perform strongly when in repeats]. You’ve seen them three times, but it’s like a pop song — it’s got rhythm… He’ll come in when we’re rehearsing and clean it up.”

Parsons’ co-star Simon Helberg had a similar take, pointing out Lorre’s instinct for authenticity in his shows, by simply knowing what’s funny and what’s not.

“He’s a barometer for the truth. Like Jim was saying about the rhythm, he has perfect pitch for the truth. You know if [we hear] Chuck laughing, you know the majority of people will also laugh.”

Melissa Rauch called Lorre “the comedy whisperer.”

Last May, Vulture took a broader look at the success of The Big Bang Theory and chalked it up to a number of factors, not least of which was the casting. Big Bang paired seasoned television comedy actors Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki with Parsons, a “breakout star.” That combined with a good timeslot and popular network all contributed to its success.

Vulture also pointed out that Chuck Lorre was important to its high ratings, and quoted Lorre himself on what makes a good comedy.

“Stories should be about these characters trying to make it through the day. The obstacles in [their] path — that’s where the comedy comes from. You can start any story with the seven deadly sins. We all fall prey to those.”




I’ve added to the gallery HD screencaptures from last night episode of The Big Bang Theory. Such funny and touching one! Enjoy them!

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Jim Parsons has won four Emmy Awards for his comedic turn as the brilliant but socially awkward theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper on CBS’ long-running hit “The Big Bang Theory.” Now he’s playing another smart misfit in DreamWorks Animation’s “Home,” which opens March 27.

Parsons stars in the animated family film as Oh, an adorable purple alien from a race of hive-minded creatures called the Boov that worship their leader, Capt. Smek (Steve Martin), and prize conformity above all else.

After the Boov arrive on Earth with an eye toward colonizing the planet, Oh strikes up an unlikely friendship with a feisty human girl named Tip (Rihanna), and the pair become fugitives from the alien overlords.

Though Parsons had done guest spots on animated TV series, “Home” marks his first starring role in an animated feature. While working on “Home,” he also did the NBC holiday special “Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas,” which premiered in December.

The actor recently chatted about “Home” and the joys of animation from New York, where he was spending the holidays.