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There comes a time, when you’ve made your fortune on TV, that you need to make a little more money with an ad.

And so it is that Jim Parsons, Sheldon Cooper of “Big Bang Theory,” has given in to pleas to endorse a product. His choice is Intel.

It’s been a difficult time for Intel of late, with his chairman Andy Bryant saying only yesterday that it’s redoubling its efforts to become a bigger part of the mobile world.

What better way to give a sense that things are moving forward technologically than to hire one of the world’s biggest scientific brains? One of the biggest scientific brains on TV, that is.

Parsons plays himself, though it’s not hard to perceive the same core of intelligent nerdiness within him as there is within Cooper.


Another funny video can be found on youtube.


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I’ve added to the gallery HD screencaptures from last night episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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