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Welcome to Bazinga Jim! your online source for everything Jim Parsons. Jim is most known for his role as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the comedy tv-series The Big Bang Theory. Here you'll find the most extensive photo gallery, video archive and up-to-date news on Jim Parsons. If your wish to contribute with something don't hesitate to contact me.

I LOVE COMIC-CON! When Jim attends I love it even more!! Enjoy the HQs I grabbed!

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First images of Jim in the movie Wish I Was Here are out. Enjoy them in HQ in our gallery!

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Jim participated to the ESPY Awards yesterday. I could not find many pictures so I’ve added the few I got in HQ and MQ. Enjoy!

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Thanks to my friend Holly we’ve got a new shoot to add to the collection. Enjoy it!

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Jim Parsons usually advises other potential Emmy nominees to sleep in the morning of the announcement. “It’s the only way to do it,” he told EW. Except he couldn’t follow his own advice this morning—he had a 6:30 a.m. appointment, so he was up anyway.

While Parsons was reading about the Houston Rockets and drinking his coffee, he found out he that he had been nominated not only for his role as Sheldon Cooper in CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory—his sixth time being recognized for that role—but also for his role as Tommy Boatwright in HBO film The Normal Heart. Parsons claims he wasn’t too worried about the announcement, though: “If it doesn’t happen, it’s fine,” he said. “But if it does happen, it’s so much fun too.”

JIM PARSONS: I was trying to ignore the fact that Emmys were being announced. I had a 6:30 appointment this morning, which was stupidly early, so I was already up and I had told anybody who would listen, “If you can sleep through the morning of, that’s the way to do it.” It’s the only way to do it. But I couldn’t because I had to get up and get ready. So I was literally having coffee and reading all about who is going to land where for the Houston Rockets for the NBA and all the trade deadlines and stuff, anything to keep my mind off of that. And again, not because I was obsessed with it, it’s just because it’s this elephant in the room that you don’t want to make too much of. Around 5:40 or whatever, the phone rang. That’s either obviously very good news or very bad news at that time in the morning, and I saw it was my agent’s phone number so I knew it was some sort of good news. And sure enough, it was.

You’ve talked about your work in The Normal Heart and how much it would mean to be considered for an award, and look, now you’re nominated. How does that feel?
I’m a little floored, I’ll be honest. The very first thing that hit me, and it took a while to sink in was, how lucky am I that I was a part of two different projects that have both been deemed mentionable, if you will, by the peers for this year. That fact alone I need to make sure I really let sink in and enjoy while it’s happening. Because it doesn’t seem to be a thing that probably is going to happen a lot. The odds are against it, no matter how good the work is.

Singularly though, the project was so important to me. The chance to play that part, a character I just love. A character who was so blessedly different than the one that I play on TV every day. You know, to be recognized for my work in that, it means the world to me. I can’t overstate it enough. I’m very grateful that anybody liked it. [Laughs]

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