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Here we are with a first look at season 9. Are we ready??

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We’re at Season 9 of hit comedy series The Big Bang Theory, and one of the classic catchphrases already associated with the Big Bang Theory series is Sheldon Cooper’s classic “Bazinga!” But where did The Big Bang Theory’s “Bazinga!” really come from and how did it start to frequent its episodes?

The Huffington Post looked into the origin of The Big Bang Theory’s classic catchphrase, and they found out that Sheldon’s “Bazinga!” was not really planned as one of The Big Bang Theory’s trademarks. Actually, it was behind the scenes that the catchphrase really started.

“Bazinga” was one of the favorite words that Big Bang Theory writer Stephen Engel used when he was pranking a fellow writer or staff. The Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady recalls one incident that Engel used the term on the set when Engel gave him an apparently fake grapefruit that when he goes to eat, Engel shouts, “Bazinga!” to cue that “he got him.”



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The gallery was updated with an incredibly beautiful new/old shoot of Jim for Sunday Times UK from February. Enjoy it!

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“Big Bang Theory” fans got their laughs and Season 9 spoilers at the “Inside The Big Bang Theory Writer’s Room” at San Diego Comic-Con. The Ballroom 20 panel connected attendees with the people that bring the humor to the CBS sitcom – and they revealed some juicy (and hilarious) scoop about what viewers can expect in the fall.

Those in Ballroom 20 not only got an hour with the executive producers and writers of “Big Bang Theory,” but they also received a special treat when actor Kunal Nayyar (Raj) showed up to moderate the panel. But he wasn’t the only star to appear. Mayim Bialik (Amy) also made a surprise appearance for fans.

So, what did the group talk about? Everything from Stephen Hawking on set to creator Chuck Lorre receiving a broken drone for Christmas. But the thing that had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats was the scoop on “Shamy” (Sheldon and Amy) in Season 9.

“Big Bang Theory” fans will remember that Amy got fed up with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) in the final moments of the Season 8 finale. The two were kissing when Sheldon interrupted to talk about “The Flash.” That threw Amy over the edge, and she ultimately decided to break things off with Sheldon … just as he was getting ready to take their relationship to the next level. Viewers were shocked to find that Sheldon had a ring in his hand and was ready to propose to Amy.

According to executive producer and writer Steven Molaro, Shamy shippers will learn when Sheldon bought the ring in the premiere. That revelation surprised the audience – and Bialik! But that’s not all. This season fans will also learn more about Amy’s family and her past.

Molaro previously revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that the big take away from Season 8 wasn’t Sheldon and the ring, but that Sheldon wasn’t “expecting” Amy to take a step back. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but he’s clearly fond of her,” he explained. “I don’t think they’re done speaking by any means He’s so fond of her – something is going to happen between them, I’m sure.”