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ET went to Houston, Texas to talk to people who knew “The Big Bang Theory”‘s Jim Parsons when he was growing up. Watch the video to see what his family and former drama teacher have to say about his rapid rise to TV stardom!

His mother, Judy Parsons, says her son knew he wanted to be an actor since the age of three and he was always a very adventurous and imaginative child. She also reveals that Jim “loved ‘Star Wars'” and collected numerous ‘Star Wars’ figures that he would keep in homemade houses and space capsules. His sister Julie says whenever she had friends over, Jim would use them as actors for his own scripted stories and would direct them in mini productions.

His drama teacher at Klein Oak High School, Margaret Locher, calls Jim “the funniest person I’ve ever known.” “He’s one of those people that when he’s onstage, he lights up the entire stage – it’s hard to watch anybody else because Jim occupies the entire stage,” she adds.

The teacher says many students will always look up to this hometown star: “I think it’s a wonderful role model that Jim went to school here at Klein Oak and the kids can look up to him and have something to aspire to and know that it is possible to one day be on a high school stage and the next day to be in front of millions of people on television.”

Current Klein Oak student Trisha Vaden says she too finds Jim’s story inspiring: “He went out there and did his dream and didn’t look back and the fact that someone could have so much courage to go do that, it inspires me to be able to do the same.”


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