A Majority of Americans Supports Legalizing Medical Cannabis and Recreational Marihuana

The debate for the legalization of marijuana is nothing new to many people. While advocates propagate the use of medical marijuana and recreational marihuana by citing the beneficial properties of cannabis for both health reasons and recreational use, those who go against the idea often look at cannabis as a drug. They do so while sidestepping lung-cancer inducing tobacco sold openly in the form of cigarettes and alcohol is served in bars despite its many proven disadvantages to health.

However, while a large population of the United States once opposed the idea of legalizing marijuana mostly due to being unaware of its larger uses and properties, studies show that they are changing their minds on the herb.

Most Americans Now Support the Idea of Legalizing Marijuana

According to a 2017 survey, 86% of Americans believe that so-called medical marijuana has effective medicinal properties.  55% have the view that marijuana should be legalized and regulated on the same standard as cigarettes and alcohol. Americans are not only open-minded about the health benefits of marijuana but that they also welcome the idea of the use of recreational marihuana on a wider scale.

recreational marihuana

The study, which was conducted by New Frontier Data, a subsidiary of the Frontier Financial Group, along with Full Circle Research, a market research company, also mentioned that 63% of those interviewed concurred with the idea of federally legalizing the use of both medical cannabis and recreational marihuana.

The views have not changed much since then. A study conducted in April 2018 by CBS News also cited that around 59% of Americans are in support of the notion of legalizing medicinal and recreational marihuana. More people in the United States are slowly coming around to accepting the use of medical marijuana and recreational marihuana in their everyday lives.

It has already reached the halls of state senates and even making its way to Congress. While most of these developments have been quite recent, they are largely attributed to Colorado and Washington, two states which became the first to legalize recreational marihuana within their jurisdiction. In Colorado’s case, it also meant paving the way to a billion dollar industry and hundreds of millions in tax revenue.

How Colorado Leads by Example in Marijuana Legalization

In 2017, Colorado reported tax revenues of no less than $198.5 million from the marijuana sales that stemmed from its legalization of recreational marihuana. The revenue was generated from sales of $1.3 billion in a single year.

This has all been possible by Colorado allowing several cannabis dispensary and cannabis boutique locations to be available throughout the state. These licensed retailers sell medical cannabis and recreational marihuana on a regular basis while complying with the lenient and friendly state laws pertaining to marijuana.

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