The Biggest Diamond Engagement Rings Trends for 2019

The end of a year brings several lists along with it for people from all walks of life.

While the top hits and misses in fashion, movies, and music provide an outline on the past, the ones that allow a window to the future are actually more interesting.

These lists that curate the upcoming trends, hits and misses in various industries are compiled by experts in respective segments, and dictate what’s about to go big so people could follow the trends accordingly.

Keeping this mind, for those who love diamond jewelry and are planning to propose to their loved one, here are the biggest diamond engagement rings trends for 2019.


Yellow and Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Since white gold and platinum diamond engagement rings had been all the rage in the past few years, more and more couples-to-be are now leaning towards yellow and rose gold diamond engagement rings to get a more distinct style.diamond engagement rings


The trend is also catching up in wedding bands with Nick Jonas having opted for an ethical yellow gold custom wedding band for his wedding with Priyanka Chopra in 2018.

This is not only a distinct color choice but also goes extremely well with a variety of design and cuts, and also goes hand in hand with the next trend on this list.


Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings with Halo

The trend to couple the eternally beautiful diamond with colored gemstones is also gaining traction. In this style, a colored gemstone such as ruby, amethyst, or emerald is set as the centerpiece of the ring, with tiny diamonds creating a halo on the outside.

The trend is also going to be seen with a reverse effect, where the centerpiece is diamond but the halo is colored gemstones. This would go best with yellow gold or rose gold to create a combination of colors.


Three Stone Engagement Rings

This trend with its simplicity yet sublime design is also getting popular, thanks to Harry and Meghan’s royal engagement that brought it to the limelight.

With a larger diamond in the center and two smaller diamonds on each side, the design says a lot with its geometry without being too bold on your hand.

But if bold statements are your thing, then you can couple it with the next trend on this list that would allow you to play with different styles even within this simple base design.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Whether you are going with custom engagement rings or selecting a design that is based off of a designer’s catalog, you would see the trend of fancy shaped diamonds emerging throughout the list of suggestions.

Pear, oval and cushion shaped diamond engagement rings are going to be one of the styles that rule the jewelry charts next year.

The trend is already being seen among celebrities such as Chopra and Hailey Baldwin, each of whom had a fancy shaped diamond ring to show off after their engagement and before their blissful wedding ceremonies in 2018.

How to Find a Dental Clinic Memphis Citizens Trust With Their Needs

There are various factors that come into play when you are finding a dentist to trust with your dental health.

Expertise, time in the community, and their overall portfolio of services are just a few of many aspects that need to be considered before you can find a dental clinic Memphis citizens trust with their dental requirements, and whom you could determine as being the best fit for you as well.

By following the suggestions outlined below, you can find such a dental clinic with ease.

Start by Determining How Long Have They Been in the Community

This is a very important aspect to consider while selecting a dental clinic that you do not only peg as an emergency dentist, but where you could visit for regular checkups as well. dental clinic memphis

It is because a dentist who has spent a considerable amount of time in the profession also boasts of a certain expertise that can only come with time. The more patients they would have seen in their practice, the better understanding they have of various issues and their solutions such as dental crowns and dental root canals for tooth decay and infection.

This especially holds true when you are looking for such a professional in a certain community, since then it is about them understanding the needs of the very area which you are a part of. This essentially bridges half the distance in building the rapport you want out of your regular dentist.


Check for the Range of Dental Services They Provide

In order to not have to run from dentist to dentist even after you have selected a regular dentist to go to, you will need to ensure that your selected dental clinic offers a range of services to its patients.

Doing so is not difficult either, since most professional dental clinics now provide various services under one roof. All that you would need to do is to ask a few questions from the dental clinic personnel before finalizing it as your regular dental health center.

This way, you would be able to rest assured in the fact that if a need arises for you to have certain services, then you will not be bumped from one dentist to the other.


Contact Wohrman Dental Group as a Dental Clinic Memphis Citizens Have Come to Trust

Wohrman Dental Group has established its reputation as a family dental clinic Memphis citizens trust with their everyday dental needs as well as rare and extensive dental procedures.

With 30 years of experience in servicing the local community in Memphis, Wohrman Dental Group has carved a niche for itself in the area as a credible entity. In addition to dental extractions, the clinic also specializes in procedures such as dental root canals and dental crowns.

Therefore, if you are looking for a credible dental clinic that you could trust with your day to day needs, then do not hesitate from reaching out to Wohrman Dental Group today.

They are proficient in what they do and they understand how to create a great experience for the clients in an overall manner. They are sure to get you back to tip-top shape.


Roof Installation and Architecture in the Neolithic Era

Remember that Neolithic individuals are not expected to be cavemen. Many scholars think that homo sapiens in the Neolithic era were much more advanced than their Paleolithic brethren. This means that instead of living in caves most often, they created structures for them to reside in and even worship in, they would have to conduct various forms of roof installation, it is very certain that this was the case. roofing repair

The would have had to conduct activities such as roofing repair among their other activities that they had to carry out to survive and hope to thrive. We are sure that the were no metal roofing done at the time due to the fact this would take much more advanced technology to do so.

Let us take a look at the sort of architecture that they had in this Neolithic period and how they might have done roof installation in this period as well.


Roof Installation and Architecture in the Neolithic Period

If someone were to mention really cool and very old stone based architecture, what would come to your mind? If you said, the Stonehenge, well you are one hundred percent accurate. The Stonehenge monument is located in present day Wiltshire, England. It is a testament to human willpower and creativity.


Each column is more than twelve feet high and more than six feet wide. Guess how much each of them weigh? More than 20 tons! This makes one think what kind of technology did they use to build this monument?

Stonehenge is located near burial mounds, another form of progress and civilization, as humans moved forward throughout the years their made sure to have more advanced ways of respecting the dead.

Stonehenge was not just a static project meaning it wasn’t built at one point, completed and then left alone. No, it was built and then changes were made over time. Stonehenge gives us a little bit of information on the sophistication of homo sapiens around in the Neolithic era, it lets us know that if they were able to erect such structures that they were able to find ways to erect more complex structures for their homes as well, they would have to had more advanced roof installation and roofing repair as well to support the architectural needs of their structures.

Neolithic Homes and Roof Installation

With their knowledge and advancement, humans from the Neolithic era were able to live in structures that were more permanent. They didn’t have to live in huts and anymore and life in a more settled society necessitated the need for more permanent structures. Societies relied on individuals within the group to do their part and stick with the community.


This is where individuals started to build houses which they turned into homes. The houses were utility based, they started off with the construction of a fireplace, they needed this to keep them warm and to be able to cook a variety of foods as well.

It had a double use case. They started off the house in a simple manner, they just had one room, they  lived in tiny homes, then they expanded a bit more, they added rooms over the course of the Neolithic period. The people of this era even started to build vertically, some of them had second levels to their home.

They were classified as mud brick homes, mud brick homes were simple and efficient, one simply had to craft mud into the form of bricks, dry it and place it on top of each other to build the home. The people of this era, typically had one entry point to the home. Roofing repair in this era was simply replacing the dried mud bricks if needed.

Which tells you just how efficient we have become over the years, by not only having sturdier buildings and roof installation, but also having supplementary services such as gutter installation at our disposal.

A Majority of Americans Supports Legalizing Medical Cannabis and Recreational Marihuana

The debate for the legalization of marijuana is nothing new to many people. While advocates propagate the use of medical marijuana and recreational marihuana by citing the beneficial properties of cannabis for both health reasons and recreational use, those who go against the idea often look at cannabis as a drug. They do so while sidestepping lung-cancer inducing tobacco sold openly in the form of cigarettes and alcohol is served in bars despite its many proven disadvantages to health.

However, while a large population of the United States once opposed the idea of legalizing marijuana mostly due to being unaware of its larger uses and properties, studies show that they are changing their minds on the herb.

Most Americans Now Support the Idea of Legalizing Marijuana

According to a 2017 survey, 86% of Americans believe that so-called medical marijuana has effective medicinal properties.  55% have the view that marijuana should be legalized and regulated on the same standard as cigarettes and alcohol. Americans are not only open-minded about the health benefits of marijuana but that they also welcome the idea of the use of recreational marihuana on a wider scale.

recreational marihuana

The study, which was conducted by New Frontier Data, a subsidiary of the Frontier Financial Group, along with Full Circle Research, a market research company, also mentioned that 63% of those interviewed concurred with the idea of federally legalizing the use of both medical cannabis and recreational marihuana.

The views have not changed much since then. A study conducted in April 2018 by CBS News also cited that around 59% of Americans are in support of the notion of legalizing medicinal and recreational marihuana. More people in the United States are slowly coming around to accepting the use of medical marijuana and recreational marihuana in their everyday lives.

It has already reached the halls of state senates and even making its way to Congress. While most of these developments have been quite recent, they are largely attributed to Colorado and Washington, two states which became the first to legalize recreational marihuana within their jurisdiction. In Colorado’s case, it also meant paving the way to a billion dollar industry and hundreds of millions in tax revenue.

How Colorado Leads by Example in Marijuana Legalization

In 2017, Colorado reported tax revenues of no less than $198.5 million from the marijuana sales that stemmed from its legalization of recreational marihuana. The revenue was generated from sales of $1.3 billion in a single year.

This has all been possible by Colorado allowing several cannabis dispensary and cannabis boutique locations to be available throughout the state. These licensed retailers sell medical cannabis and recreational marihuana on a regular basis while complying with the lenient and friendly state laws pertaining to marijuana.

Groundswell is one of such establishments, and specializes in marijuana products including flower, edibles and concentrates in a variety of items. As a local retailer, the cannabis boutique strives to contribute to the growing cannabis economy in order to show the world how the usage of marijuana could not only be beneficial for those who use it but also for the overall economy of the country.
If you happen to be in the vicinity of Groundswell and looking for a marijuana dispensary Denver, then reach out, you won’t be disappointed with what Groundswell has to offer.