The Best Interior Lighting Trends of 2018



If you asked our residential interior decorator team what some of the most cost-effective home design projects were, lighting would be at the top of the list. Not only will your pocketbook be happy, but you will glow (literally and figuratively) over the fact that lighting is so versatile and can be manipulated for different moods, times of day, and positioning.


Lighting trends can be fickle and change over the course of just a few short years, so here are some of our favorites of 2018 so far.


Edison Bulbs


Mason jars, vintage typeface on menus, and “modern farmhouse” may be trends on their way out, but we love the retro warmth Edison bulbs can add to any room. Their “moodiness” can tie a reading nook together or make a bar area feel like a speakeasy. For those who like to keep their options open, you can purchase both authentic, incandescent bulbs or opt for a more energy-saving and longer lasting LED versions.


Big, Bold Fixtures


When it comes to grandiose lighting, chandeliers are out and big, bold fixtures are in. A sputnik fixture can bring a fresh, funky vibe to your kitchen and warm, metallic finishes can bring a homey, yet industrial feel into any space. Think of these pieces more like centerpieces as opposed to sideline furnishings and think about how they can make your space pop.


Art Deco


Almost any residential decorator will agree that art deco flavors are also one of the top comebacks for 2018. Going hand-in-hand with big, bold fixtures, shiny, geometric, zig-zaggy lights will make your house feel liberating and like an open space for all to gather. Ask your designer how you can use a sconce or pendant to add some retro flavors to your favorite communal living space in your home that will make it a whole talking point of its own anytime somebody enters the room.


Soft Metals


Whites and greys are popular in today’s kitchens and rather than bright, jarring backsplashes or accents, soft lighting in a much more suitable counterpart to today’s subtle design trends. Opt for a matte finish rather than shimmering reflections to refine your space and make the whole room blend together. Muted copper and brass make welcome departures from the standard gold or silver staples.


Clean, Minimalist Shapes


Rather than clunky hanging pieces or gaudy ornamentation, clean, minimal design is reigning supreme when it comes to interior lighting. Complex fixtures go out of style quickly and can be more costly to maintain. Plus, if you want to place emphasis outside of lighting, you will have success opting for low-profile styles with simple shapes, and neutral colors rather than more complicated, outdated options.


Although these are prominent styles this year, we want to stress that the absolute best kind of lighting is one that fits your personal style and works best for your home. Consider consulting a Residential Interior Designer to go over your personal preferences, your space, and how to make your design dreams come to fruition.