Don’t forget your retail packaging in your marketing strategies

Retail packagingYour retail packaging is a key element when it comes to selling your product. You could have the best product in the world, but if it doesn’t catch the customer’s eye, it’s going to stay right where it is on the shelf.

Most companies recognize this already, but for some reason, many still ignore packaging when it comes to their marketing strategy. Here’s why the box your product arrives in should play a central role in your marketing plan:

The 5 Ps

For a long time, companies considered 4 Ps when it came to their marketing strategy. These were product, price, promotion, and place. But, in recent years, packaging has been thrown into the mix as the fifth P. Your retail packaging actually incorporates each of the other 4 Ps and can dictate just how well your strategy is working. Generally, your packaging should do three things – and these three things are easy to incorporate into the wider messages that you send out to your customers:

1. Tell a story

Whatever form your product arrives to your customer in, whether it’s in clear plastic packaging, a glass jar or a corrugated box, your retail packaging needs to communicate succinctly why your product is better than your competitors’. Answer the following questions:

• What sets your product apart?
• Why should they buy it?
• What are they missing out on if they don’t buy it?

This messaging should also be linked in with your wider marketing strategy. If you thrive off your reputation for friendly customer service on social media, make this obvious on your retail packaging too. If your product has a reputation for quality ingredients, customers need to know about it.

2. Showcase your feelings towards your customers

All too often, companies think only of their profits when it comes to choosing their retail packaging. Or, sometimes, they don’t think at all, simply throwing something together which either doesn’t effectively sell the product or even protect it. When you’re drawing up your packaging, make sure you consider how your customer is going to interact with it. Aspects such as pour spouts, re-sealable ziplocks and bottom gussets can go a long way towards convincing people to choose you over a competitor. And, of course, whichever of these you do choose should be incorporated into your marketing strategy – ‘the easy-to-use x’ or ‘our product is user-friendly’ etc.

3. Communicate your views on the environment

It’s 2019 and now, more than ever, purchasing decisions are made with the environment in mind, particularly among young people. More and more people want to purchase products that either have minimal packaging, or come in containers that can easily be recycled. If you do opt for an Earth-friendly packaging solution, don’t forget to mention it in your marketing messages!

If you’re looking for custom retail packaging which has a real wow factor, get in touch with companies like Dunwiddie Custom Packaging today. They can help showcase what you’re selling, so that it really does sell!