Egypt Tourist visa

Tourist visiting Egypt now have the best experience like never when applying for Egypt Tourist visa. Tourist can now obtain Egypt Tourist visa at the comfort of their living room through the online application (eVisa). No more need to visit the consulate or the embassy as this new electronic visa is exclusively done online. Technology is moving faster, and Egypt is never left back as far as tourism and traveling sector is concerned.

The maximum period you are allowed to stay in Egypt with the eVisa is 30 days with single or multiple entries available. The visitor to this country is responsible not to overstay. is an independent body offering travel authorization services and is not associated with the Egyptian government in any way or any other third party providing similar services.

The company offers high-quality immigration and travel services to both legal entities as well as individuals at a fee. Once the application form is uploaded, it is reviewed then moved to the next stage of approval by the ministry of interior. Upon successful submission and approval, the eVisa document is delivered to the owners through email as a pdf file. The procession of the application takes up to 10 business days. Indeed, this is a free hustle application process that no one would have dreamed of Egypt arriving at sooner.

Successfully verified applicants are expected to print the eVisa document and keep them safe with other traveling materials since, upon arrival in Egypt, they will be asked by the immigration agents. A point to note is that one should have an extra copy of the eVisa document within the next 30 days allowed to stay on the land.

For one to be eligible to apply for the Egypt tourist visa, there are some requirements that one must meet. Briefly discussed below are some of the requirements for short term travel to Egypt eVisa. To begin with, one must have a valid passport for at least six months’ on entry to the Egyptian soil. Egypt eVisa is valid only for tourist as they do not permit work or study visas. At all circumstances, an ordinary passport is the only one used. Other passports such as diplomatic passport, the convention of July, maritime passport, travel document, and diplomatic passport are not valid for application of eVisa. The details listed on the applicant’s passport should correctly match. Detailed information about the destinations such as hotel bookings or places to visit should be provided. If you satisfy all the laid down pre-requisite, then there is no doubt you will get the Egyptian eVisa, but if otherwise, it is a waste of time trying as the application will go unsuccessful.

However, some may prefer to obtain the visa on arrival in Egypt as it is allowed but might face challenges due to long lines. So to save your precious time given that the time allowed to tour the country is limited, the online application remains to be the best. With the eVisa, you are allowed to access all ports of entry like seaports, land, and airports. The total cost for Egypt eVisa is $85 for single entry and $120 for multiple entry.