Finding Out What Has Caused Damage to Your Roofing

When you are in the topic of keeping your home in tip top shape, you should not disregard the importance of the very thing that shelters you from the elements, your roof. It is the roof of your home that keeps you cool during the hot days of summer, keeps you dry during rainy nights, and keeps you warm during the snow of winter. A house without a roof means the people living in it would have no protection from the elements. So when it comes to maintenance, roofers always remind their clients to remember working on their roofs. Over time roofs can become damaged and more work may eventually be needed to repair it.


house roof

When it comes to the damage that eventually happens to our roofs, there are a number of factors that can be attributed to it. Doing a regular inspection of your roofing is ideal for making sure that damage can be spotted quick and be treated early on. As to what could do damage to your roof, here are the things that could cause damage to your roofing.

  1. Disregarding regular maintenance – One of the most common causes of significant damage to the roof is due to improper maintenance or the disregard of it. Homeowners may often overlook regularly maintaining their roofing. This can leave small issues unattended and in the process can get worse and become more damaging to your roof needing roof repair. Regular inspection allows for small problems to be treated immediately.
  2. Improper installation – A roof that hasn’t be installed properly will not have proper stability and will have faulty integrity in its structure. Roofs that suffer from that become damaged much quicker and are at a greater risk compared to roofs that are properly installed. When you are having roofing installed, make sure you hire good and reputable roofers to do the job.
  3. Damage from snow and ice – When the winter time comes and it snows, the snow and ice can build up quick on your roofing. When this happens, a lot of stress will be placed on your roofing and once the snow and ice starts to melt, the water and moisture can easily seep into the small crevices and tiny cracks in the components of your roofing especially underneath the roofing shingles. If water intrudes and freezes again, the structure will be compromised even more and water can move in further into your home. Make sure to inspect your roof after winter or the rainy season.
  4. Damage from strong winds – Strong winds are a very dangerous force and its constant hitting can weaken the components of your roof especially the small parts like the nails and shingles. Even winds that are moderately strong can already have an effect on the stability of your roofing. So whenever strong winds hit your area, make sure that you inspect your roofing to check for any damage and in case any kind of roof repair work needs to be done on your roof.