Roof Installation and Architecture in the Neolithic Era

Remember that Neolithic individuals are not expected to be cavemen. Many scholars think that homo sapiens in the Neolithic era were much more advanced than their Paleolithic brethren. This means that instead of living in caves most often, they created structures for them to reside in and even worship in, they would have to conduct various forms of roof installation, it is very certain that this was the case. roofing repair

The would have had to conduct activities such as roofing repair among their other activities that they had to carry out to survive and hope to thrive. We are sure that the were no metal roofing done at the time due to the fact this would take much more advanced technology to do so.

Let us take a look at the sort of architecture that they had in this Neolithic period and how they might have done roof installation in this period as well.


Roof Installation and Architecture in the Neolithic Period

If someone were to mention really cool and very old stone based architecture, what would come to your mind? If you said, the Stonehenge, well you are one hundred percent accurate. The Stonehenge monument is located in present day Wiltshire, England. It is a testament to human willpower and creativity.


Each column is more than twelve feet high and more than six feet wide. Guess how much each of them weigh? More than 20 tons! This makes one think what kind of technology did they use to build this monument?

Stonehenge is located near burial mounds, another form of progress and civilization, as humans moved forward throughout the years their made sure to have more advanced ways of respecting the dead.

Stonehenge was not just a static project meaning it wasn’t built at one point, completed and then left alone. No, it was built and then changes were made over time. Stonehenge gives us a little bit of information on the sophistication of homo sapiens around in the Neolithic era, it lets us know that if they were able to erect such structures that they were able to find ways to erect more complex structures for their homes as well, they would have to had more advanced roof installation and roofing repair as well to support the architectural needs of their structures.

Neolithic Homes and Roof Installation

With their knowledge and advancement, humans from the Neolithic era were able to live in structures that were more permanent. They didn’t have to live in huts and anymore and life in a more settled society necessitated the need for more permanent structures. Societies relied on individuals within the group to do their part and stick with the community.


This is where individuals started to build houses which they turned into homes. The houses were utility based, they started off with the construction of a fireplace, they needed this to keep them warm and to be able to cook a variety of foods as well.

It had a double use case. They started off the house in a simple manner, they just had one room, they  lived in tiny homes, then they expanded a bit more, they added rooms over the course of the Neolithic period. The people of this era even started to build vertically, some of them had second levels to their home.

They were classified as mud brick homes, mud brick homes were simple and efficient, one simply had to craft mud into the form of bricks, dry it and place it on top of each other to build the home. The people of this era, typically had one entry point to the home. Roofing repair in this era was simply replacing the dried mud bricks if needed.

Which tells you just how efficient we have become over the years, by not only having sturdier buildings and roof installation, but also having supplementary services such as gutter installation at our disposal.