The Biggest Diamond Engagement Rings Trends for 2019

The end of a year brings several lists along with it for people from all walks of life.

While the top hits and misses in fashion, movies, and music provide an outline on the past, the ones that allow a window to the future are actually more interesting.

These lists that curate the upcoming trends, hits and misses in various industries are compiled by experts in respective segments, and dictate what’s about to go big so people could follow the trends accordingly.

Keeping this mind, for those who love diamond jewelry and are planning to propose to their loved one, here are the biggest diamond engagement rings trends for 2019.


Yellow and Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Since white gold and platinum diamond engagement rings had been all the rage in the past few years, more and more couples-to-be are now leaning towards yellow and rose gold diamond engagement rings to get a more distinct style.diamond engagement rings


The trend is also catching up in wedding bands with Nick Jonas having opted for an ethical yellow gold custom wedding band for his wedding with Priyanka Chopra in 2018.

This is not only a distinct color choice but also goes extremely well with a variety of design and cuts, and also goes hand in hand with the next trend on this list.


Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings with Halo

The trend to couple the eternally beautiful diamond with colored gemstones is also gaining traction. In this style, a colored gemstone such as ruby, amethyst, or emerald is set as the centerpiece of the ring, with tiny diamonds creating a halo on the outside.

The trend is also going to be seen with a reverse effect, where the centerpiece is diamond but the halo is colored gemstones. This would go best with yellow gold or rose gold to create a combination of colors.


Three Stone Engagement Rings

This trend with its simplicity yet sublime design is also getting popular, thanks to Harry and Meghan’s royal engagement that brought it to the limelight.

With a larger diamond in the center and two smaller diamonds on each side, the design says a lot with its geometry without being too bold on your hand.

But if bold statements are your thing, then you can couple it with the next trend on this list that would allow you to play with different styles even within this simple base design.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Whether you are going with custom engagement rings or selecting a design that is based off of a designer’s catalog, you would see the trend of fancy shaped diamonds emerging throughout the list of suggestions.

Pear, oval and cushion shaped diamond engagement rings are going to be one of the styles that rule the jewelry charts next year.

The trend is already being seen among celebrities such as Chopra and Hailey Baldwin, each of whom had a fancy shaped diamond ring to show off after their engagement and before their blissful wedding ceremonies in 2018.