In this article what we wanted to do was provide information to young dental students who might be trying to decide if they will go into the field of cosmetic dentistry.  We sat down with staff members from, a local cosmetic dental clinic, and chatted with them about the ups and downs of working in the cosmetic dentistry field. It came as little surprise that the cosmetic dentists we spoke with really loved their work, and had very little negative to say about the field of cosmetic dentistry, but we did manage to find out a few things that cosmetic dentists are not big fans of. We will begin with the possible cons of being a cosmetic dentist.

As a cosmetic dentist, the hours can be very long and taxing. On average, cosmetic dentists work around fifty hours a week, a lot of time up from regular dentists who only work about 35 hours a week. The reason why dentists from the cosmetic dental field have to work such long hours is because there is a major shortage of cosmetic dentists in this country today. In Australia, which only has a population about a tenth of our own, there are more cosmetic dentists operating today. In the USA the dental schools were not established as fast as they were in other countries, so it wasn’t until the late 90’s that a major initiative to create quality cosmetic dentistry schools was finally undertaken. Dentists that wanted to specialize in cosmetic dentistry twenty years ago would have likely had to study outside of the country, something which simply wasn’t a possibility for most students. Anyone who thinks they would like to become a cosmetic dentist should go ahead and assume they will be working some very long hours. Noe let us take a look at some of the pros of working in the cosmetic dental field.

Cosmetic dentists can operate with just a few people on their staff. Regular dentists have to have dental hygienist and assistants in order to operate, that means that opening their own clinic for the first time can be a costly and difficult undertaking. Cosmetic dentists often work in very small teams that can easily fit into a small space. Cosmetic dentists are able to open their own clinics much faster than regular dentists, and operating one’s own clinic is often a dream for dental workers.

Finally, the pay is very good for people in the cosmetic dental field. Cosmetic dentists can charge upwards of five thousand dollars for tooth implants, which means that rent can be paid with just a few dental operations each month. As a cosmetic dentists builds up her stock of tools, the number of different jobs only goes up along with the amount of money they can make. After juts ten years on the job the average yearly salary for a cosmetic dentist is more than a half a million dollars, making cosmetic dentists the best paid dentists in the country.