The Top Tips When Applying For an Indian Visa

Any person planning to tour India for either business purposes of vacation needs to obtain the right type of Indian visa. The process of obtaining an Indian visa have created much complications and confusion over many years for many people as it appears much complex if it is not dealt with in the right way. Herein are tips to put into consideration when planning to make your India e-visa application:

Apply for the correct type of visa from the start

Most delays are experienced by individuals applying for tourist visas for trips they actually intend to undertake business purposes. If this is the case then the embassy will change the type of visa required. Therefore on the part of the form where it says what your purpose is, ensure you correctly write the purpose of visiting India. Mixing up things will lead to many errors.

Leave plenty of time for the Indian visa application

You should ensure you have your visa with you before booking any flight and committing to date if you are visiting India. The visa can only be processed as quick as 3 working days and no quicker. It is possible to obtain an India business visa in a day though. The safest time you require to collect your Indian visa is a time frame of two weeks.

Be careful when declaring your profession

There are various occupations which the embassy are sensitive too and may require more information. If you are any of the following: Writer, actor/actress, pilot, cabin crew, solicitor, journalist, publisher, policeman, civil servant, social worker, media executive then you will need to have a letter from your employer that says you will be visiting India only for holiday purposes and will not be undertaking any work (if you are applying for an Indian tourist visa that is). Having these extra documents will ensure you will not have any delays.

Make the embassy aware if you are leaving and re-entering India within an 8-week window

For those that are taking a side trip to another destination during their trip to India and will need to come through India again, then due to new Indian embassy ruling, you will need to declare this so that you can obtain the relevant paperwork for a re-entry visa. For this, you will need to provide proof of your trip travel into India and out using travel itineraries, for instance, online tickets, train or bus tickets whilst making your normal visa application.

Ensure all business visa letters are detailed and accurately

For businessmen that are applying for an Indian business visa, you must ensure that all the letters are accurate. Ensure that each letter contains the following information: The full name of the passport holder, the passport number, the travel dates, the purpose of the visit and the visa type required. The letters should always be on letter headed paper. Indian embassy requires formal letters. There are different journalist visa applications needed for journalists. These are some considerations you should put in mind to complete all successfully in applying a visa to India.