What is CBD Tincture?

A person can consume CBD in a variety of ways. You can eat it in edibles and you can smoke it. Another very popular way to consume CBD is by a tincture. If Water Soluble CBD Tinctureyou have never tried cannabis before tincture is actually a great place to start. A lot of people think smoking would be the best place but a tincture will help ease you into this new product for you. They are also great for beginners because it is much easier to regulate the dosage you are receiving. Until it became illegal to consume tincture was actually the most popular form of cannabis medicine. This article will go over the basic information regarding CBD tincture.


They produce tinctures by taking the cannabis flower and steeping it in alcohol. Then low heat is applied for a long time. Then the compounds that are found in the cannabis flower are infused off. This results in a strong liquid that has the same benefits of the cannabinoid but there is no smoking required to get those benefits. There are usually other oils added to the tincture to make the taste better. For example, they might add a cherry oil so it is more enjoyable to consume. If you do not like the tincture don’t worry, they actually can last for a few years as long as it is stored properly. You will want to make sure it is stored in a dark and cool spot.


Using CBD tincture is very easy to do. There is usually a dropper that is part of the package and you can simply use that to drop the drops into your mouth. This will also help you measure out how much you should be taking. CBD tincture is usually only taken in small amounts. You can also put the drops in your food or drink that you are consuming. This can make it very easy to consume because you most likely will not even notice you are consuming CBD because you will not be able to taste it. If you are using a CBD tincture to relax then you could add it to some chamomile tea. This would be great to do before bed too. Another way to take CBD is to just use the dropper and put the drops right under your tongue.
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