It is important first to understand that there is a huge difference between residential and industrial roofing, and what that difference is. Residential roofing is an industry which services the roofing needs of residential homes, and while it is a giant and very important industry, it is lacks a lot of the complexities which industrial roofers deal with. Industrial roofing contractors have a totally different set of skills from those possessed by residential roofers, as well as different tools and approaches. Most folks probably have a good general idea of what residential roofers do because almost everyone has had a roofing repair done in their own home at one time or another.  In this article we will look at industrial roofing, and specifically why it is so important for many different areas of industry.

The majority of factories operating today were built during the late 70’s in what was known as the “factory boom” of the last century. During the 70’s the conditions for domestic manufacturing of all kinds of good were perfect and for that reason there were thousands of factories opened during this period. Now, fifty years later those factories need a lot of upkeep in order to stay running smoothly, with roof repair being one of the most important repair jobs done on factories today. www.metalguard.com, a major industrial roofing repair company has stated that the number of industrial roofing repair clients with 70’s era buildings is growing substantially with each passing year. Some people in the industrial roofing industry have estimated that the number of factories which will require roof fixes will not even reach a peak until 2020. Industrial roof repair for factories is important because it allows large factories to keep their doors open while repairs are being made. Industrial roofers have all the special equipment required to work on the jobsite, fixing almost any roofing issue a factory could have. If it were not for industrial roofers all of the older factories which we rely on to produce the products that keep our economy and people going, would be in serious trouble.

Apart from fixing older factory roofs which have started to have structural problems, industrial roofers are also the ones who make it possible for modern factories to transform their work spaces in order to take on new kinds of work. When it comes to an industrial building, there are very strict codes which regulate each aspect of its structure. Elevators and lift equipment can only be worked on by experts from that field, and roofing changes can only be carried out by industrial roofers. Many factories today are trying to get away from the use of coal power for their machines, and instead opting for steam and electric power, both of which require a while different set of ventilation units in order to operate in a factory. Modern industrial roofers will come in and modify a roof in order to make it possible for factories to change how they run things in their locations.